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FAQ 1: Can I have more information about your company, how do you operate?

We are a company established in 2008 that sells liquidation of overstock and store returns. Our warehouse has a wide stock of clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, perfumes, general merchandise, among others. Our merchandise is sold by pallets or boxes, some are sold as we receive them from the vendors while some are sold by piece count in which we have teams that create specific pallets. We do not customise any pallets for customers. To make your purchase you can visit us at our warehouse or request a shipment, we ship within the United States, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. To other countries it is possible to supply orders by containers but please we ask you to first contact a customs agent in your country to be aware of the import requirements. 


FAQ 2: How can I make a purchase?

You can make a purchase at our warehouse, through the website if it is a shipment within the United States, please notice that on the website we only have limited stock, or with our sales representatives through WhatsApp. If it is through WhatsApp, the representative will send you the current list of our merchandise, you can choose the merchandise of your interest and he will assist you with further information about the shipping cost and payment details, when you are ready to make your order, you will be billed and you will be able to proceed with the payment. 


FAQ 3: If I place an order through the website, when should I receive my package?

When you make a purchase through our website, it takes from 2 to 3 business days for the packing, once your order is ready to be shipped out, you will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number and you will be able to see the status of your shipment. 


FAQ 4: If I want to visit your warehouse, do I need to make an appointment?

There is no need to make an appointment and there are no requirements for your purchase. If you have a resale permit you are welcome to bring it and we will verify it. Please bring your mask when you visit us, we don't allow the entry of children under 12 years old inside the warehouse for safety reasons but we have a designated area at the front desk where they can wait. 

FAQ 5: When can I contact a sales representative, what are the contact hours?

You can send a message via WhatsApp and the representative will contact you as soon as possible or at their earliest convenience. 


FAQ 6: What is the response time for a sales representative to handle my request through WhatsApp?

The sales representatives will try to answer as soon as possible or at their earliest convenience. There might be a waiting period due to the high rate of messages but our sales representatives will be able to assist you. We appreciate your understanding.


FAQ 7: Do you have a catalog so I can see the merchandise in stock?

We do not have catalogs since we are a company that sells liquidation of overstock and store returns and all pallets are different but to know more about our merchandise you can follow us on our official accounts, especially on our Facebook page. On our Facebook fanpage and Youtube Channel, we make live streams and show the available merchandise, also if you like you can contact our sales representatives who can send you photos and videos of the merchandise. We do have a list of merchandise available on our website where you will find our current stock.


FAQ 8: What days do you receive new merchandise?

We receive new merchandise everyday, we do not have a specific date. You can follow us on our social media to know more about our current merchandise, you can also call us or send us an email for more information. 


FAQ 9: What kind of merchandise do you suggest me to buy?

Our suggestion depends on your location, for example for shipments to Mexico we recommend sending clothes, bedding sets, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry and perfumes. We always suggest our clients to do a market research to see what products work the best for them according to their marketing strategy. It's important to know your customer’s preferences, how you are going to sell the product: in a store, Swap Meet, through online platforms like Offerup, etc, among different factors that will let you have a clear idea of what you need for your business. 


FAQ 10: What are the requirements to make a purchase?

There are no requirements and there is no minimum purchase obligation, if you have a resale permit you are welcome to bring it and we will verify, if it's valid we won't apply the taxes on your purchase. We accept seller's permits from California,Utah,Nevada,Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington and Mexico. For example if you make a purchase at our warehouse the taxes that we apply for California are 9.5%, when we ship the merchandise to a different state within the U.S there are no taxes. 


FAQ 11 : What are the payment methods?

If you make the purchase at our warehouse we accept cash, debit and credit cards. If the purchase is made through WhatsApp, we accept debit and credit cards, bank transfers, payments through PayPal and if you live in the United States, payments through Zelle. If it's a payment through WhatsApp: for card payments there is an additional charge of 3% , if it's through PayPal there is an additional charge of 5% that the platform applies automatically. For bank transfers, the bank may apply a fee for the transfer. 


FAQ 12: Where do you ship? Do you ship to Central America?

We ship to all the states of the United States, to the entire Mexican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. It is possible to supply orders by containers but first we ask you to verify the import requirements with a customs agent.


FAQ 13: Do you ship to South America? (Perú, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina)

For South America it can only be sent by container but first you would have to ask for advice from a customs agent. 


FAQ 14: How much does it cost to ship the merchandise to Mexico? What are the factors that affect the shipping rate?

We work along with a company for the shipping service and we suggest the shipping of clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes to Mexico, we ship the merchandise from Los Angeles to Guadalajara and the shipping cost is $1 dollar per pound if it is clothing and if it is a different type of merchandise it depends on the dimensions of the pallet or box that you select. Once the merchandise arrives in Guadalajara, the shipping company coordinates the delivery with you and if it's required for a specific address or another city, they will connect you with local shipping companies and they will provide you with the additional shipping fee from Guadalajara to your final destination in Mexico. We also have direct shipping to Tijuana, Ensenada, La Paz, BC.Sur, Mexicali, Rosarito and Los Cabos. For the packing we charge $25 dollars per pallet and $10 dollars per box.


FAQ 15: What kind of merchandise do you suggest shipping to Mexico?

For Mexico we recommend sending clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes. If it is another type of merchandise the shipping cost might be higher and most of the time unprofitable for the customer according to our experience.


FAQ 16: Do you charge in Mexican pesos or in American dollars?

All our rates and transactions are in dollars.


FAQ 17: If I want to purchase merchandise and it is a shipment to Mexico, where do I pay for the shipment and in what type of currency?

You pay the shipment in Guadalajara in pesos. When your merchandise arrives in Guadalajara the shipping company communicates with you and gives you instructions.


FAQ 18: Do you provide a tracking number for shipments to Mexico?

Once the package is ready to be shipped out, you are provided with the information of the shipping company.


FAQ 19: If I need the merchandise to be shipped to Mexico do I need a permit or is there a tax charge?

No permit is required, you only need to pay for the shipment. The shipping company makes all the corresponding arrangements and the merchandise arrives without inconvenience. No import taxes are paid by the client. 


FAQ 20: What are the delivery times for Mexico?

At the moment, they are between 6 to 8 business days for the packing and from 8 to 10 business days from Los Angeles to Guadalajara.


FAQ 21: Can you send tools or general merchandise to Guatemala?

Due to the import regulations we can not send these types of products. To Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, we can only ship a box of 30X30X30'' and we can send clothes, shoes, perfumes, makeup or jewelry. Makeup, perfumes and jewelry cannot travel separately, it must go combined with clothes. For example, the shipping cost to Guatemala is $250.00 plus possible tax charges that may be applied in your country.


FAQ 22: Do you have a shuttle service to pick up a person who arrives from the airport and wants to go shopping at your warehouse?

We do not have one but we suggest you to download a taxi app that can provide you with a safe travel.