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About Us

MBA Trading Group Inc. was established in 2008 as a wholesaler of liquidation merchandise ranging from Apparel, Cosmetics, Electronics, Housewares, Jewelry, General Merchandise, Shoes, Toys, Tools, etc. Although the company is a product of humble beginnings, starting from literally nothing, its philosophy is rooted in the age old adage: “you gotta spend money to make money”. It all began when the company’s founder, Maria Isho, undertook the challenge of raising money for quality of life improvements for students at St. Martha’s Elementary School. While volunteering with the Parent Teacher Organization in the summer of 2007, the principal confided in Maria that the school was in dire need of a new water filtration system that will provide clean water for the students. Knowing that the best opportunity for the school to raise the necessary funds would be during the Holiday season, Maria’s first instinct was to spend whatever money the school could offer to purchase liquidated merchandise and create gift baskets. What started as an initial investment of four thousand dollars resulted in a final sum of thirty thousand dollars raised for the schools much needed renovations! These unexpected, but nonetheless welcome results, inspired Maria to explore the promising opportunities inherent in the liquidation merchandising industry. Thus began the journey of creating a million dollar business, with the sole mission of making you money.